Anoush Abrar

Anoush Abrar was born in 1976 in Tehran, Iran. Abrar has lived in Switzerland since he was five years old. He studied at Ecole Cantonale d'Art de Lausanne (ECAL) and has taught for fourteen years. His work since early 2005 has been featured in W Magazine, French and Japanese VOGUE, VOGUE Hommes International, How to Spend it, Vanity Fair UK, Edelweiss, L'Officiel, a.o. Californication; studies of young women who have moved to Los Angeles from all over the world with the hope of attaining fame and fortune, is among his ongoing series including in Swiss and international exhibitions. Anoush Abrar was awarded for the Third Prize of the prestigious 2014 Taylor Wessing / National Portrait Gallery Prize. Abrar lives and works in London and Lausanne.

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