Reza Panahi

REZA PANAHI was born in 1981, lives and works in Tehran, Iran. In April 2001 at the age of twenty, his work was featured in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMOCA).
Panahi's work was included in more than 20 group exhibitions and 8 solo exhibitions in Iran, Spain and Germany.
The subjects of his paintings seem either to be rooted in private myths or in Persian miniature. They include bizarre creatures with huge totemic heads attached to plants or to the bodies of animals or human beings, and sprouting snakes, wings, and other forms.
Panahi's recent paper works now on view at Laleh June Galerie in Basel are more inspired by relics of archaic and ancient civilizations. Fantastically interpreted by Reza Panahi to express universal archetypes.They also seem to be purely imaginative include creatures and animals.The artist has a fascination for the symmetry and repetition of the same.This fascination for double may come from la nature duelle de I’homme. Artist's fascination with Carl Jung cannot be ignored.

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