Shahab Fotouhi

S h a h a b F o t o u h i To take a certain socio-political position, to adopt an ideology, is to embrace a set of attitudes and beliefs. Concerning art praxis, this not only tethers one's freedom but also tends to pin the signification down Le. it shelters consumers — inhabitants of a nauseous textual doxa. Concerning Fotouhi's practice, as an artistic modus operandi, suspension is an offspring of dialectics of playfulness and seriousness. Study for Nuclear Bomb Shelter (No.137), “Security, Love & Democracy (for export only)” and “Towards Salvation” (in Commemoration of Epic 11th September) are examples of free exchanges of arguments and counter—arguments hopefully with no terminal synthesis. Born in Yazd, Iran, Fotouhi lives and works in Tehran now. He works with different medias like installation, photography and video. His works has been shown in “Too Much Pollution to Demonstrate,” curated by Amiel Grumberg at Apex art Gallery, New York in 2005. “Ethnic Marketing,” curated by Tirdad Zolghadr at Azad Gallery, Tehran in 2006 and Loop Art Fair, Barcelona in 2007 among other exhibitions.

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