Sissi Farassat

Sissi Farassat has disentangled herself amazingly quickly from the dominant role models (such as Nad Goldin's desolate glamour or Cindy Sherman's willful misrepresentations of herself) that were still flashing up in some earlier work. A close relationship ties her own identity to her output with the greatest of ease. She is what she creates. She writes as she speaks and she shows what she sees. In so doing, she playfully brings herself to bear on the action at all times. Sissi Farassat plays masterfully with the viewers, drawing their gaze to her. In her photographs she is equally present and absent: a mysterious beauty, who gives herself to photography with passion and creative joy, with cunning and charm, and sometimes with a wink. She applies highlights to the photographs with her sequin carpets, which bring physical and textual qualities into the visual spaces. The iridescent colors of the sequin pictures not only remind one of magnificent chambers but also of the glittering worlds of discos and film extravaganzas which are counterpoised with the 'commonplace' or intimate subject matter. Autobiographical elements (her own body, family, friends and wedding) are introduced in her art as natural working materials. I am not who you think, but always what you see! Sissi Farassat work among other public and private collections feature in MAK, MMKK, Kunstmuseum Winterthur and Museum of Design - Zurich, collections.

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