Aube Elléouët-Breton June 11 July 31 2015

Aube Elléouët-Breton was born in Paris December 20, 1935. Her mother was Jacqueline Lamba, painter and her father, André Breton, writer. In 1943 she has stayed for one year with her mother chez Frida Kahlo in Mexico.
Aube Elléouët-Breton since early 1970s has exhibited in France and internationally. Her work is included in private and museum collections; Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris among others.
Even if Aube's father is Andre Breton the founder of Surrealism, Aube Elléouët-Breton has developed her own artistic language — the artist has self-proclaimed "ROMANTISTIQUES", her collages. Aube Elléouët-Breton lives and works in Saché, France.

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