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MARC REMBOLD, was born in 1963 in Zurich, Switzerland. He lives and works in Basel. Marc Rembold since early 2000s has exhibited Swiss and internationally included in prestigious private, corporate and museum collections in Switzerland, Europe, the United States, Canada, Asia, Arab World and the UAE. Admired for his living colours, changing spectral colours, Marc Rembold has always developed a protean aspect to his art. His career features a constant dialogue between paintings, sculptures, mixed media, installations and objects. His work is organized by series. One of artist's work from his 100 Years of Readymade 100 Years of Petrol will be on view at the Black Gold Museum by Zaha Hadid in Riyadh from 2022.

PHILIPPE ZUMSTEIN, was born in 1973 in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. He lives and works in Geneva. BA in Art History at the University of Geneva in 1997 and MA at HEAD Geneva in 2002. Philippe Zumstein has started to exhibit his first Fat Paintings, Crash and Damage series and sculptures in very early 2000s. Since then Zumstein's work was part of significant Swiss exhibitions and Swiss Art Awards. In 2003 he was lauréat of Prix Kiefer Hablitzel and Swiss Art Awards. The artist's work since 2008 was feautred in various solo and group exhibitions at the Laleh June Galerie in Switzerland and internationally.