Words are Diamonds May 28 July 31 2009

Sylvie Fleury - Ed Ruscha - Marc Rembold -Tom Sachs - Crystel Ceresa - Cris Faria - Beat Lippert - Behrouz Rae - Philippe Zumstein
The Laleh June Galerie is very pleased to announce its upcoming exhibition Words Are Diamonds. The opening will be on May 28, 2009 and the exhibition continues through July 31, that will bring together works by Ed Ruscha, Sylvie Fleury, Marc Rembold, Tom Sachs, Philippe Zumstein, Crystel Ceresa, Cris Faria, Beat Lippert and Behrouz Rae, whom currently living and working in Switzerland, Iran and the United States.
Words Are Diamonds presents across different media the self—expressions of 'writing / text / words' in a poetic, pop and humorous context. The way, words sound and look, the way they change their meaning, one context to another, cultural, social, and political charge, and how their message is measured by each of us.

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